Ancient History 2!

2014 10 28 - Plenty of activity recently and a lot has been achieved. Please see the Summerly Studios website as we move into the final Studio construction phase.

2011 09 02 - Another Leg  Operation holds up construction expected to be done

2011 08 - Mrs B wants a Porch - Done

2011 07 04 - Stone finally arrived - unfortunately approximately 13% of the slabs are broken.  I have made a complaint to StonestoreUK or East to West Imports but as yet have had no response.  It is a shame as I like the stone and needed and additional 180m2 to finish off the landscaping but I can't take the risk associated with delays, breakages and poor communication.


2011 Jun 30 - Luckily delivery company call up to say they have a delivery for me on Friday!  No no no the guys at stonestoreuk just do not listen or take note of the e-mails I send.  I rearange for Monday. 


2011 Jun - Ston arrives this week but I have no one to take delivery.  Call stonestoreuk to arrange for Monday 4th Jul.


2011 Jun - Still no sign of stone though I have been tracking the container


2011 May  - Ordered travertine slabs for the patio from stonestoreuk.  Great value plenty of delay though


2010 Oct 20 - Very cold today.  I will make a start on the DPM on the middle slab tonight.  I need to clear up all the tools and materials first.  I have a log burner to go in but it is quite heavy so will need to wait for the weekend where Grandad Rick can lend a hand.


2010 Oct 20 - To my horror I have discovered that the lazy roofers put the felt support trays ON TOP of the felt.  Why?  I suspect it is because they battened it before putting the fascias on.  This would mean either taking the first batten off again or cutting down the trays to fit. - This is not a mistake but deliberate to cut down on time.  It is shocking to think that someone would do this and 3 other tradesman would be complicit.  I know I would never bodge or allow a bodge job to go unchecked.  Memo - do not assume people have pride in their work. 

I am really disappointed. They were highly recommended as well...

I will give them the opportunity to correct but I suspect I will not see them again.  Which won't be the end of my world.  I shall also warn all the people that gave a recommendation to ensure that their work was done properly.

I also did not keep enough cash back to pay someone else to redo it properly.  I wish I had noticed sooner.  That said I suppose I would not trust that it was corrected properly anyway.  I hope that they all sleep well with pride on another job done.  To think there are people that need work makes me sick really.


2010 Oct 20 - Yesterday the roofer was supposed to turn up and finish the flashing.  I popped up on the scaffold to see what is actually left to do..........


2010 Oct 17 - Roofer came and gave some story about the soffits needing doing before the bargeboards and box ends can be completed. Promised he will be there on Tuesday to finish the chimney flashing.   Also I assumed that the number of broken tile was down to transport but I moved a spare pallet of tiles to find only two with minor corner damage so I guess we can add carelessness to the growing list.  Luckily I haven't paid the full amount.


2010 Oct 16 - So the roof tilers finished last week end.  Still waiting for the roofer to finish the fascia and flashing the chimney.  Over all I am happy as I am weather tight,  but some of the work on the fascias has been a bit sloppy to say the least.  Things like nails missing the rafters leaving holes or  clusters of nails. Some of the cutting has been very bad, which is surprising for pro roofers.  Some of it needs to be redone.  Ho hum that is why I choose to do it myself, although I am a little over critical I suppose.


2010 Oct 10 - Bricklayer finished the last bits which means we have a outdoor clay oven and some structure to where the patio will be.  He has done a great job adjusting his work to my design as we go.  Very flexible.


2010 Oct 10 - Spent the weekend getting the final windows in.  I must admit they were a little tight but as they are surrounded by polystyrene it is easy to make adjustments.

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