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I don't often make recommendations however:


Polarwall:  If you want to build in ICF this is the way to go. Apart form the product itself,  which seemed superior not only in strength but flexibility, the company are with you every step of the way.  Apart from on site training, they gave constant support via e-mail and telephone.  Alan came down to do the pour with me (on a Saturday) and put in a proper day's work. How often does that happen!  Nothing went wrong with the pour itself because by this stage I knew the system. Call Alan 0845 8382181  


Concrete Pump.  Aintree Concrete pumping.  Keiran on 01474 333616  These guys went beyond the call of duty.  They were able to negotaite the boom around trees keeping the hose close to the wall making a tricky job simple.  When there were snags they dealt with it professionally and even took the business end of the hose to help out.  Their equipment was spotless, service could not be faulted.



Chris Stokes.  If you want someone that does a 25 hour day (and don't mind the JCB fring up at 7:00am or even 8:00pm) give him a try.  Groundwork, muckaway or hire.

01474 812181


I do not recommend the roofer.

He basically ripped me off by doing a botch job on my roof.







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